Can Making Money Online Be Gamified? The Empowr Business Thinks So!

There’s a a new game in town called “Empowr” (formerly FanBox). Well, it’s not a real game.  It’s more like Facebook, but it pays.  I call it “gamified” because it’s fun.  They provide daily goals for you to complete: 1) Bidding, 2) Listing, 3) Posting, and 4) Sharing.

So when you like and repost someone else’s link, and do enough of that per day, you could potentially make some money with system.  Don’t expect to get rich though.  But I know a lot of people that would happy to make $500/month by working online a couple of hours a day.  That can make a nice car payment.

Empowr is unique from other online businesses in that is it NOT network marketing.  You don’t have to recruit others and you don’t have to sell anything.

The company makes money from it’s marketplace, and the small fees that members pay to use the system.  What a fee?  Yes, you might have to pay a few small but reasonable platform fees before you starting seeing a real return, or what they call a “matured cash out”.

At first, the system might lead you to think you are making lots of money.  This is because it constantly shows you your “gross earnings”, rather than “net”.  A new member should realize that their actual earnings are the “gross earnings” minus their expenses (such as the power-up fees, and the ad platform fees).

You can take what you learn on Empowr, and do it on other platforms like Facebook or Twitter.  But those companies generally don’t pay you.  Some companies like YouTube and Instagram will however pay you if you have popular videos and posts. On any of these systems, the idea is to build a large fan base to view your posts and ads.

Many Empowr members have built 1000s of fans over time.  Imagine adding 50 fans a week, that is 200/month, or 1000 every 5 months.  Fans help support your business, and typically re-share what they like on your page.

On other platforms, people who make money can do so by either ad revenue, or by promoting their own products and services.  Empowr is very similar, except their are typically built-in revenues for doing the daily tasks.

How much time must you put in to be successful with empower?
I’ve personally been putting in about 2 hours a day.  I spend part of my time on other internet sites looking for fun, high quality, interesting and different pictures to post. It seems like so many people keep posting the same old stale pictures over and over.  I want my Empowr profile page to stand out and be unique, different, and attractive.

Depending on your Power Level, you are only given so many posts or shares per day.  So the time actually starts out smaller, and can increase as you move up the Power Levels.  Everybody starts at orange, then moves up to green, blue, red, purple, and the highest level is Teal; however there are four levels within each color (basic, level 1, level 2, and star). On the average, a person who is working the system should be able to move up one level every 2 weeks.  So I don’t see any reason why a person cannot make it to the top level in 10 months (5 colors x 4 levels = 20 levels, then divide by 2 weeks/level).  But of course, some people will be more or less motivated, and can do it faster; and other are less motivated and will take longer.

Warning: Many people have asked if “Is Empowr Legit?” or is it a scam or fraudulent company.  Each person is entitled to his or her own opinion.  In my opinion, the company might not be perfect, but it is legitimate.  It seems to reward those who work hard, and those that are disappointed are often those that don’t study the system and use it properly.

If this kind of online business interests you, check it out at this link: “Empowr“.